Could I control the camera from a pc?


Hi guys,

I would like to create a 360 photo/video booth. Any API available to control the camera via a computer? I would like to record videos or shoot photos and transfer the data to a folder.

Thank you for you help,



We will be putting out an SDK in the near future that will provide you all the API’s to control the camera. Stay tuned!


Hi, do you know any dates when the SDK will be released? is it soon, or in a few months?



Very soon. I will be posting it out in the next week. I have both the iOS and Android SDK ready to go.


awesome! Thanks, will there be a standard example? (none mobile, but desktop?)


Is there a ETA for this, or a Beta version we can try? I am also trying to do the same thing…


I should be able to get you a Beta version early next week.


I too would like a Beta version. Does this new update mean the camera will be Open Spherical Camera compliant?


@FLYGURU is the API or SDK available yet? If not, can we get our hands on the BETA? We too are looking to add it to an iOS app to control capture/delivery.

Feel free and contact me james (@)


@Nebular @FLYGURU posted this in another thead Guess there is a signup link and all


This is good stuff for my 360 camera. Thanks for the update! :relaxed: