Connect to bluethooth microphone


is there a way to add external microphone connected with bluetooth technology ?

if not , it will be great to implement this function in new firmware

if yes, do you have some references …


@PhilVoyageur, this feature is available with the 360fly 4K model -


Thank you for your response… but i have bought the hd model because of the waterproof capability… is it is net yet implemented, i hope that you will produce the same firmware to get this functionnality… regards


@PhilVoyageur, the ability to pair with an external bluetooth mic was included with the hardware when the newer 360fly 4K was developed - it will not be possible with the 360fly HD hardware. Additionally, none of the 360fly models are waterproof - they are all water resistant and shouldn’t be used extensively underwater without purchasing a 360fly waterproof dive housing.