Compatible Bluetooth mic devices?


I am looking for compatible Bluetooth mics for the 360fly. I have a Bluetooth audio transmitter that I was hoping to plug into one of the jacks in my airplane to feed radio and intercom communications into my 360fly while it is filming. It does not even recognize it in pairing let alone connect. It is the Aluratec ABT01F and takes a signal from a headphone jack and transmits it to a Bluetooth device like a speaker or headphones.


Does your phone recognize the device? We could try resetting your 4K device and testing it out again.


So the Alead LivMIC2 sync’s up and works as a Bluetooth microphone with the 360fly 4K. This mic has an input for a microphone and will take the audio from my airplane intercom. There is some distortion feeding it directly so I am waiting for a jumper cable that matches the ohms from the airplane intercom to the microphone input. Hope fully I will be able to get some airborne footage from outside with audio from inside fed via bluetooth to the 360fly.


@zn105 Im not a pilot by any means what so ever, but matching impedance or ohms and curiousity. I know some airplanes use airhoses or something to that effect to distribute audio, etc. Question, what kind of impedance is needing to be matched?? Like how far off are the ohms?? Is it like say as an example 10ohm to 150?? Have a buddy that flies and this caught my attention and wondering about feedback Thanks in advance


This is the web site for one of the cables that are made for this. There are several others. Not sure what the numbers are for the levels but can tell you that I did have an issue plugging it in directly. It was definitely being overdriven to the microphone.


@zn105 ok this makes sense since it taps into intercom so its kind of like a splitter for in line signals. But yeah your in flight mic and And sensitivity hopefully is matched or leveled to compensate as u mentioned it being overdriven… looks like some kind of “box” is inline But yeah test it as always If anything use an inexpensive hands free Bluetooth speaker Leave it separate from your in flight coms and talk freely into external spktr Jus a thought since that inline adapter even records to the tower That would be cool to listen to and in VR for view Cool thanks again


Here is some on the ground audio testing of aviation intercom/radio communication fed into the 360fly 4K via bluetooth! I think it sounds pretty good.

-Nolan LiveMIC2 bluetooth microphone
-Crazed pilot audio cable


@zn105 Now that is cool Thanks for posting Will share as well Sounded awesome!!! So cool


Wow! Sounds really good. Thanks for sharing.




Had to subscribe Soooooooo dope!!!


Very cool, I’ll have to try out that setup.

I connect to my Bose and that works great for capturing anything that goes through my mic. Simple and clean solution, but missing anything going through the intercom or radio.


I wanna learn to fly now Forget drones!!! @zn105 did it right tho!!! Hearig the towers and u all is crazy cool but ur doing flips!!! Sent his video to some pilots at southwest and they are stoked


I have Alead LiveMic2 but I can’t get it to stay connected to the 360Fly 4K. It will act like it’s pairing and shows up in my devices. I select it and it’ll say connected for about 5 seconds and disconnect. What’s the secret.