Changing wifi name and password not working


Hi agin, I have been trying to change device name and password via “/360fly/id” and I get status code of 200 but it doesn’t change device name and password, any idea?

the code I have used :

public static void requestChangeDeviceNameAndPassword(Context context, FlyCamera mCamera, String newName, String newPassword) {
    try {
        if(mCamera.getIPAddress() != null) {
            FlyDeviceAuthenticatedRequest flyDeviceMediaListRequest = new FlyDeviceAuthenticatedRequest(context);
            HashMap<String, Object> requestParams = new HashMap();
            requestParams.put("HTTP_REQUEST_PATH_KEY", mCamera.getIPAddress() + "/360fly/id");

            requestParams.put("HTTP_REQUEST_TIME_OUT_KEY", Integer.valueOf(120000));
            requestParams.put("HTTP_REQUEST_METHOD_KEY", FlyAsyncRequest.HTTPMethod.PUT);
            requestParams.put("HTTP_REQUEST_FLY_DEVICE_ID_KEY", mCamera.getDeviceId());
            ArrayList<FlyParcelableNameValuePair> params = new ArrayList();
            params.add(new FlyParcelableNameValuePair("name", newName));
            params.add(new FlyParcelableNameValuePair("password", newPassword));
            requestParams.put("HTTP_REQUEST_PARAMETERS_KEY", params);
            flyDeviceMediaListRequest.setCallBack(new RequestCallback() {
                public void onSuccess(Object o) {
                    Log.e("onSuccess", o.toString());

            flyDeviceMediaListRequest.executeOnExecutor(FLY_DEVICE_EXECUTOR, new HashMap[]{requestParams});

            Log.e("requestChangeDevice", "Request sent...");
        } else {
            Log.e("requestChangeDevice", "HTTP Channel not set");
    } catch (Exception var7) {
        Log.e("requestChangeDevice", "Error ChangingMedia: " + var7);



Make sure ur connected via Bluetooth and factory password is 8 zeros