Capture external audio using your smartphone


I know that an external bluetooth microphone is an option but the audio quality may suffer with delays, bitrate, etc. However, what if you could capture audio using your smartphone instead with something like the Rode SmartLav+ that connects directly to the 3.5mm headphone jack? On iPhone, you can use any number of external microphones using the lightning to camera adapter. It would be awesome to capture the external audio and video from the 360fly without having to separately sync them in post.

Anyways, just shooting for the stars with this suggestion!


Thanks for submitting your feature request. I will pass it over to the team for consideration. Keep the request coming.


I agree … and add my vote … having the option to select a mic connected to an iPhone or iPad allows for Rode’s or Zoom’s etc. which should increase the audio quality heaps. … shouldn’t be too difficult to implement given audio is already captured from iOS for FB streaming …

Looking forward to giving my new 4k 360fly a test run at upcoming outdoor gig next week …(yup I’m a muso!:slight_smile:

Thanks for listening … :slight_smile: