Blue flash will not stop


Help! My new 360fly 4K will not stop flashing blue when I turn it on. It’s been a couple of minutes now and it’s starting to heat up


Did you first charge it for at least 30 minutes?

Have you tried doing a reset using a paperclip as per instructions?

Those would be the first things I’d try.


Hi Chris, thanks for your reply.

Correction: I bought my 360fly 4K 2 weeks ago, it was perfectly fine, until now. Yes, I charged it 30minutes before first use. I tried to reset and factory reset, it still keeps on blinking.

I am waiting for the battery to drain now so I can charge it and hopefully that fixes it.


Ah ok. Hope you get it working.

Out of interest, what’s the audio quality like on your 4K?


Audio is pretty good for its size, didn’t have a problem with it.


so no constant background “wind noise” even when there’s no wind and you’re inside?

I’ve had 2 units now and both suffer this problem :frowning:

Sorry for the thread hijack but was just keen to ask another 4K owner.

See sample here:
(Excuse the wife eating lol)


Omg I am having the same problem. We mounted it to a stick and it started vibrating and then we unscrewed it and it flashed blue until it ran dead. Now it won’t charge up at all. I am devestated as I am on day 2 of holiday and my camera won’t work!!! Someone help.


Is the charger you are using definitely between 1 and 1.7 amps?


Chris: is it a really loud wind noise? Is it loud enough to block a persons voice in the video. There is a little wind sound if I increase the volume of my video but nothing too bad.

Christina: what charger are you using? I was able to charge mine but when I turned it on, the blinking blue light came back.

This is really sad because I had amazing content of Travels with my partner with that camera and now I can’t relieve those moments.


It happened to me as well. Had to return the camera and they are shipping a new one to me.


@ronruiz I have the same problem w/360flyHD :pensive:


@TayfunK did you recently update your camera? before the blue flash loop happened? I got a replacement last month


Yes, but it was 2-3 weeks ago


I having the same issue now to non stop blinking blue button. I was out filming yesterday and the very first recording it turned red but when I press the button it was stuck on red color. I factory reset it and kaboom it was blinking blue until the battery runs out. Today, I charged it and same thing happen and even connect it to my computer to see if something happens but none. Base from this forum post it looks lin it is an issue. Now I have to wait till the battery runs out and yes it gets really hot. Please 360fly help me on this one.



Get in touch with our support team and they can help troubleshoot and resolve. or 844-helpfly.


Same problem for me! My 360fly HD camera went completely dead (as in not responsive) after only about a half hour of recording. It was brand new, updated, and fully charged!
I tried the reset button, and that is when the problem got worse. It has now been blinking blue and vibrating (three pulses at a time) for over an hour and I can’t get it to quit. Sounds like I’ll have to wait for the battery to die.
Any suggestions beyond that?