Better Fusion sensor


I hope somebody in the company will be keen to share some details and have a chance to comment on this.
I am looking into using the onboard sensors to obtain better position data than the one offered in the .fusion.csv on board.
I noticed that the gyroscope data is more coarse (0.1s) than the accelerometer (0.01s). Would it be possibe to have a higher sampling rate for the gyro (1 sample per frame)? I also noticed both sensor have a burst of data (10x faster sampling) during the first 0.1s What is the reason behind this?


@GiovanniR, we will check with engineering and email you when we have an answer.


Hi @360fly_Support_USA, Thanks for your help.
I also noticed that the gyroscope sensor seem to have an initial lag, between the gyro data and the camera image. The lag is about 20frames (0.7s) and disappear toward the end of the gyro dataset (i.e. first points are lagging behind the video, last points are decently synced). The very last point is recorded with a longer sampling interval. I’m using the sensor data to stabilize the image, but right now it is difficult to handle due to this misalignment.