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@utahPLPCO & @zampe, as of right now (December 2017), there are no updates or new features planned for the 360fly Director software for Windows and Mac. Voxx International Advanced Solutions and 360fly would need to put together a software development team to begin programming software updates again.

If you would like to show Voxx Advanced Solutions that there is a desire/need for this, they can be reached through email at


It is very disappointing that there are no plans to update the Director software and leave it in beta. So the loyal purchasers are being abandoned?


wait what? What happened to the team that has been updating it so far? Will there be no more development on the mobile app and camera firmware as well? Has 360fly been abandoned??


@deanw & @zampe

360fly Inc’s funding shifted to strictly a B2B business model, and they are currently focused on professional solutions -

The consumer cameras (360fly HD & 360fly 4K), their accessories, the computer software, and future development is now being handled by Voxx Advanced Solutions. This does not mean that there will not be future updates for software and firmware, but the customer service department has not been informed of Voxx Advanced Solutions’ plans in these areas. Despite multiple requests, the customer service department has also not been informed of who is in charge of the mobile app, or the plans for its future.

Voxx Advanced Solutions is still adjusting to its new role for 360fly products, so customers may want to reach out to them directly to inquire about future plans and development -