Batch Processing Please!


It would really be helpful if the Director software could process files in batches. Like If I want to change the orientation on a bunch of files at once, or convert a bunch of files to Equirectangular at the same time. Would really speed things up for post production.

Bulk Convert Files

Thanks for the feedback. We are looking at a few things to speed up these processes. I will pass your feedback to the team.


Out of curiosity, would this require some extra computer requirements?? Just due to processing and large files sometimes if using a 4K. Have thought of this idea as well but dont want to overclock my computer if that feature were to arrive Thanks in advance


I just posted a question about this also. I am trying to convert a lot of my videos so I can edit them. Would LOVE a batch conversion option.


I am trying to get this into a new release. I will keep you posted.


This would be a very nice thing. Perhaps the bug with video over 1 minute that crashes the director when trying to convert into equirectangular would be fixed as well.


Not sure which bug you are talking about. I convert 20-30 minute videos all the time and never have a crash. What type of machine are you using? We can check the resources on your machine and make sure that you have enough graphics processing power. If you can send me your support ID I can check it out. In the director go to “About Director” and copy and paste the iD.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I have a Laptop with I5 5200 an Intel HD 5500. I am shure that the reason for these crashes is not enough power of my GPU, but 4k Rendering on other Programms like PowerDirector works fine with the content from my 360fly4k. The problem with this is that PowerDirector only handles Equrectangular Content the right way. When i Edit Raw Footage from the 360fly 4k the video is upside down and doesn´t pan after rendering.
I´ve heard of more people than me on Youtube Discussions that have the same issue with converting to equirectangular in FlyDirector.
Support ID: 70278d1d-bddf-4c6b-9871-df2145d15cd5
I think my Ipad can do the Job better than my PC :wink:


Yes, it would be the GPU resources. You can convert the video to equirectangular with the mobile device also. You just need to choose share and save to gallery or export to movies folder on Android. This will convert the video. If you have an equirectangular file that has been edited you can use the Metadata injector from YouTube to but the data back in. When ever you edit and save the equirectangular file it strips out the metadata. The metadata injector below can put it back in.


When you edit the equirectangular video in PowerDirector 15 you don´t need to put the metadata back into the video. It has a special 360 Editing Feature. So you can directly Upload the edited footage out of PowerDirector.
I created a Tutorial for German speaking People:


Awesome, Thanks for sharing. If you use the mobile device to export to equirectangular you can get the new blurred mirror image to fill the void.


Yes, a batch processing tool would greatly help out in post production.


Completely agree, in the works.


The lack of a batch processing function for this camera is a huge disappointment. are there any third party software programs that can batch process these photos from fisheye(?) to equirectangular?


I agree as well. When I use the camera during a day, I come home with a dozen or more videos that I want to process for upload to YouTube. Being able to batch-process these would be a huge benefit. I’d love to see it as a feature in the Director application, but if anyone knows of a third-party app, that would be fine as well. Thanks!


Does this functionality exist yet? I will have to return the 360 fly. please let me know as soon as you can. I need to buy a 360 camera that has this functionality


The 360fly software is not currently capable of batch conversions. This is as of September 2017.



Any update on a batch processing tool? It would greatly help my team and increase our efficiencies. Right now we are spending considerable time and resources just watching that green circle. Would be extremely helpful to have our computer run over the night and not have to keep an eye on it.



Curious. What kind of machines are u all using to achieve batch processing. I cant imagine the resources it would take to do 4k files simultaneously


Yea that’s not what batch processing is, it’s about queuing up a group of files to process consecutively not simultaneously.

Right now if you want to convert files you have to pick one, set it to convert, wait, then when it is done pick the next one. We want to be able to set a bunch of files to convert one after the other automatically without having to sit in front of the computer watching each one finish.