Apple watch start/stop button app


A simple start stop button app for the Apple watch would be a nice touch :slight_smile:


Yes, I agree. I love my Apple watch. The request is in the hopper. Keep the request coming!


Great idea! Especially when the camera is not within reach! :slight_smile:


Thats a big +1 on apple watch app! :smiley::+1:


Yes, I’ll throw in my vote for an Apple Watch app


Yes that wound be awesome. Just stop and stop recording. Also to change format that you use would be sweet


I would for surely enjoy an apple watch integration Make it simpe with quick widgets or routines For yeah res setting, gps, and wifi as well as start stop obviously That would be slick


A big +1 to apple watch app to control the 360fly 4k!

I ski. So I don’t really want to be taking my phone out while shredding. How about a bluetooth/wifi remote control?


I want to throw my request into this bin. A simple camera control would be great. This would greatly improve the functionality.

Any idea if this is on the radar?


There may be a new years surprise for you. I can’t commit anything yet but I am pushing the team hard. Stay tuned!


Best news I have heard all week! :slight_smile: You guys rock!


That would make this New Years ski trip the best yet. Fingers crossed.



This would be epic in every proportion


Apple Watch update was just released. Download the new app. Enjoy!


So frikkin cool and so easy now!!!


Great integration. Thank you so much. I was surprised at how fast it was, especially compared to opening the app up first. Looking forward to the updated camera later this year.


So didnt realize u can also snap a photo Very helpful flyin drone!! todays update adding the POV photo and timelapse toggle!!! Nice 360fly!!! Very cool


i really love it. .amazing features.

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