Add LOGO and more in next mobile editor please!


The mirrorball is probably the most used by 360FLY community to keep the bottom NADIR from being a void when we share our video. But it will double the value if a custom LOGO can be placed on the bottom for those LIVE streaming. Many might have missed that this feature IS available - where you can add a custom LOGO before exporting from desktop DIRECTOR app. Thus only a desktop feature. But I would really like to see it on the mobile app too. Smart phones are more powerful this days to implement more editing features.

In a tight market of 360 cams to date. The better selling action cam would be the one that has the best editing software. We are already missing the 6 axis gyro like that of recent cams released, (GoPro Fusion, Garmin 360, Rylo, insta360 One) so I am hoping that we can have a better editor to make it looking better in post. Stabilizers anybody? I’m sure current owners of HD and 4K 360fly here would agree, we’re all just too busy to start editing on desktop. The killer feature to have for 360FLY is if all the same editing options on Director was made available on the mobile app before we hit SHARE.

  1. Add stabilizer upon export.
  2. Add LOGO.
  3. Make Personal Audio Library available to be used in edit.
  4. MERGE option for unlimited cuts between videos in mobile app too!

This features would keep many to continue using 360FLY for another year or more I say.

Not asking for too much I hope. :stuck_out_tongue:


Stabilize or a gimbal type setup u can order

U can add ur own logo now. In the director under the settings tab there is an option for the “void” area. Gps overlay, ur image, mirror or nothing

The merge i feel ya on but it takes a lit of resources or RAM to merge 4k files so gotta think about the general population but i get ya


Thanks for your feedback. I know there is logo application in desktop. Read again. I’m asking for the features on mobile app.


My bad. Didnt see that part