360fly SDK Available


The 360fly Software Developer Kit is now available!

With its powerful chipset and sensors, the 360fly 4K offers developers an image- and data-rich platform for developing innovative apps.

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.NET SDK Access
Could I control the camera from a pc?

Hey thanks for making the SDK available.
I have built the sample application and investigated the documentation. I was wondering if there was a way to take the live video stream and publish it to a streaming server so other people could see what is being displayed on my iPhone locally.




I should have said explicitly that I am referring to ios SDK


Id would enjoy seeing this if possible… please post once there is a “final” video Or link if you recorded the stream Thanks in advance


Today you can get the live stream from the camera in the RAW format. The app would need to use a player that would convert this raw file into a viewable 360° format. You could take the live stream and store it on a server but it would be the raw format.


Does the Android SDK allow me to easily take the live stream frame by frame in a raw format (4k texture) in a 3-rd party android app?


The Live Stream on the 4K is only going to stream at the max 1440. You can use the recorded video to get the raw 4K format.


Wow. Thanks for the fast answer :smiley:
Unfortunately i need a live stream. So if the 4k version of camera can stream at 1440, how about the HD one? Does the HD version has the same streaming resolution or lower?


The HD model streams the live RTSP stream at 720.


I want to build application using your SDK. Could you please let me know

How can i get iOS/Android SDK please let me know.


@ajay001, you can get SDK information at this link - https://360fly.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/203989808-360fly-Developer


The signup form is not working. The embedded formstack JS returns “This form is not available for embedding” and the alternative noscript link says “This form is not available for public access. Please login or contact the account owner.”


I do not see a link, We develop iPhone apps and very much would like you try your SDK, However we have not been able to request it through the page and our support request was not answered.


I am new to this, So can anyone help me on 360fly android documentation also the android SDK where i can get?

I have followed the 360fly website to download the Android SDK in Developer option, but able to see only the iOS SDK not Android SDK.

Request, please help me on this.


@sujith1991, we emailed you the relevant information.


Hey,I found the Rest API on Github, but it seems to be gone. Many APIs return 404. Are there new technical files?

Also, is there a .NET SDK?



At the link I see a direct download for the iOS SDK but no link or signup for android SDK: