360fly Printable Tether Ring


Yes, we put it out there for personal use. I can’t give you the STL for the Fly. Unfortunately, there is IP around the design which I can not share.


Obviously I am only wanting the exterior. Do you have anything that you can share without breaking IP would have the bottom of the fly as a mesh to use as a cutter? I don’t need the contacts and all that. Just looking to replicate the pattern in the base as a 3D printed support piece. If not I guess I will have to resort to 3D photogrammetry or see if anyone around has a 3D scanner.


Let me see what I can get. I built something like this for my boat that I installed in my electronics box.


What I was thinking was use part of the ring over the top of the camera with a base printed to hold a 1/4-20 nut that encases the base with screws to go from the ring down to the bottom piece, Thats why I was asking about the compression of the camera into the base. And why I was looking for a STL of the camera to properly size the base piece in relation to where the ring would sit and to angle the holes properly for the heat sets.

Modeling the base outer was pretty simple since its basically a cylinder.

Another mount project, I wanted to duplicate the recesses in the top of the charging base on a 3d print so that the camera could be accurately aligned. Right now its kinda hit or miss aiming using the LED as reference. With a base that fit the bottom of the camera’s shape it could easily index to it. And with a square base, accurate direction could be determined.

Thats basically the direction I was looking at going with the accessories.


Well here are some photos of the initial prototype. I printed in fast 120mm/s draft mode for quick prints so ignore the low quality of the print. Here I used ABS because I can print it very fast. I will likely use PETG as the final material, most likely a clear or a black so its not as “thumb in the eye” as this bright green is.

I have M4 heat sets that will go in the base (in the 4 small holes). But I need to get some 35-40mm long M4 cap screws to go from the ring to the base which will compress and trap the 360Fly on its base between the printed pieces.

The holes in the base go all the way through so it is possible to go with a much longer bolt and mount straight to a surface. In that case I would likely make a different base piece thats considerably thinner since it would be nothing more than a fly base centering ring. After I get this one finalized, I may provide such a modified base to yall as well. That way you could drill and tap 4mm holes in a metal plate to mount it to for extreme situations.

The base has a reservoir that will take a 1/4-20 nut and should be deep enough to accommodate various lengths of 1/4" bolts coming in from the bottom without hitting the fly base. Obviously the user must make certain the bolt they use isn’t long enough to exceed the thickness of the reservoir or they will damage the fly base.

With the 4 compression screws, the rig should be extremely solid and should be able to withstand substantial lateral forces. I don’t see much problem in using this sort of rig on a vehicle where substantial G forces might be present. The base has a 58mm x 62mm footprint so that should provide sufficient surface support for those high G situations.

I still need to gather up an assortment of USB cables and measure the end pieces so I can provide a sufficiently large recess in the rear (not present in the photos) to accommodate most cables without unnecessarily removing material.

And, yes, I have tested it with the fly on and took both video and stills to verify the ring does not appear in the image. And it does not.

Comments and suggestions are welcome to improve the design and usability of it.


This is hella sik!!! Please advise when u release cuz i could put a piece of dynamat on that lower portuon to stop vibrations That is a cool set up Im an audio rep if u need cables


Awesome! Looks great. I had a similar design as this also. I just installed in my boat in the Electronics box.


Here I give my small contribution to a very low tech design of holding the 360fly 4k in place for doing long term recording with a powerbank support…
I might soon have access to a 3D printer in near future to replace som parts to improve the design and get it lighter…

Extending battery life

@Wolfie Love it! I did something very similar for the boat. Can I get a copy of the STL would love to print one up and test it out.


@Wolfie Have you finished refining the STL for the rig? I would like to take a look and get one printed off. I’d like the ability to record longer videos while riding by motorcycle, and this would be a good solution. Thanks!


Just got this made up via 3dHubs - perfect as a backup in case my mount fails given its high speed application and safety concerns!!!


Awesome! send a pic.


Here is the ring I had made up. Works great, fits like a glove!

Now I just need to clear my editing hurdle…

Charging Mount for 360fly

That is nice!! Very cool.


I am at work tonight but I am going to go home and try to print all these and see how they turn out. I have a small 3d printing business on the side… three different printers. I will post up and let everyone see how they turn out. Thanks to the ones whom designed these. I was playing circles trying to mount on my drone to get great videos.


Fantastic work !
I’ve been asking fly for one of these for extended recording on a race vehicle since I first got a fly camera…
The latest was, only last week, "There won’t be a charging head to allow simultaneous recording and powering as the camera may over-heat."
Have you experienced any such problems ?
Have you any print files available ?


Man any chance of sendimg the file. I am needing something exactly like this Thanks in advamce. Looks great!!!