360fly on a Osmo Mobile?


Before I spend the time to work this one out, has anyone already figured a way to mount the 360 on an Osmo Mobile?

I am looking at drafting up a mount that would incorporate a weight counterbalance so the fly would sit on top of where the phone would normally go. Obviously a side mount would not be desirable as the Osmo would then be in the shot. Since there is already a blind spot below the fly, mounting it above the osmo placing the osmo in the blind spot would be optimal.


@Wolfie May want to take a peek at the Guru 360 Its made for 360 cams including the Fly

There is also a guy that made his own “rig” for a gear360 for the osmo but kinda ugly Hes on youtube and has a link to his site to see a picture Heres his link http://www.schweinert.com/blog/files/ddf0c177bf134e458451ef54599d5866-78.html

I need one for my drone and have been looking for awhile Best of luck


Cripes. I wonder if the servos won’t overheat with that beast.


Rite??? I was like oh lordy The guru dont seem to crazy but like u said u gotta get over mic area Quite a few on YT have created mods for ur case I need one for my drone