360fly HD won't turn off or stop vibrating


Just took the 360fly HD out and now it seems bricked. Constant vibrating and the device will not shut off. Cannot get my videos off of it please help!!!


There is a reset button on the bottom of the camera inside the connector. It is at the base of the connector. Can you try pressing this button and reseting the device.


This is the only post I can find related to this topic. My camera went dead after only about a half hour of filming. The only response I could get from it was to put it on the charging dock where the light would indicate that it was charging (and eventually fully charged). Other than that, I could not get it to power on or connect to the iphone app.
I tried the reset button and that got a response. Unfortunately, it has been doing the triple vibrate/blinking blue light thing for about an hour now and I can’t get it to stop.
Any suggestions? I don’t want to lose the film I have documenting my 12 year old son’s first trip outside of the country!