Flyguru I really want a couple of those protective cases. I mount the camera on top of my GT2 Racecar and sometimes stuff flies and could damage my lens. We go door to door at 150 mph all the time and in some tracks get to 180mph. I would rather damage the case and have a spare than risk killing the lens and have to ship back.

Here a link to last race https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TyCD5deGrgA

Please let me know when they become available.



Does the Glass serves any quality purpose?
My glass is broken and I thought of removing it, then use the dive housing for protecting the actual lens.
What do you think? Will this work? Is the image quality damaged while using the camera without the glass?
Thank you,


Is the cost to replace the glass lens for the 4k version at around $ 100 USD as well ? Thanks.


@spoiler6000, in USA, Canada, and Mexico, the parts and labor for a 360fly 4K lens repair is $147.80 USD. For a 360fly HD model (either one), the lens repair costs $89.50 USD.


Boa tarde … após uma queda a lente da minha FLY 360 4k ficou totalmente marcada, removi a lente e a imagem ficou prejudicada, Gostaria de comprar somente a Lente, Moro no Brasil e é dificultoso o envio para a empresa para o reparo… Aguem poderia dar alguma dica de algo compativel ou onde posso conseguir SOMENTE A LENTE… Acredito que mais pessoas tem esse mesmo problema com a substituição da lente. Grato pela Atenção !