Just had the chance to take my fly up to the ski slopes. My nephew took quite a few tumbles with it mounted to his helmet, and it seemed to hold up pretty well.

While inspecting the lens though, my heart sank a bit when I noticed several scratches on the glass cover. They seemed to buff right out with a lens cloth. I am noticing a clear film a lot like those on polarized sun glasses. Is this what is keeping the glass from becoming scratched?

Any tips on caring for this glass cover, and how easy will it be to replace this cover if it does become scratched or broken?



One option is to use the dive housing as a protective case for the the camera.


It is glass and it is very hard, and one hardness below sapphire. It is very difficult to scratch. If it does get scratched we have an out of warranty repair that we can replace the lens on the unit. You would need to get an RMA# and send it back to our team. We have a protective shield that we will be releasing in the next few weeks that will help in some extreme settings.


Adresse please and price?


Great. Can you tell me about the covering / film on the outside?


Send an email to support@360fly.com and they will provide the pricing and RMA# or call 844-helpfly.


There is no film or covering on the outside. It is glass, if you get a smudge it is do to the oils from handling that could billed up or collect when touched. Cleaning off with a lint free cloth and avoid touching the lens will prevent.


Yeah. Mine definitely has a small scratch. Doesn’t seem to affect the video much, but I’d like to replace it. My nephew took it to Big Bear and took a few tumbles. A little disappointed. Thought the glass was a bit more durable.


@robpriceincali This is that dive housing if it posts correct It really is a nice addition


Still don’t like the green, but looks cool with the blue illumination. I suppose I’ll have to upgrade to the 4k for that though. Thanks for posting.


More than welcome but you dont need the 4k for it I use it to protect the lens mainly lol


Was just referring to the BLUE lighting when encasing the 4k. It makes you forget the cheap looking green.


I have a dive housing.
It looks very tough… But ‘Tough’ and ‘Hard’ are very different.
I carried it on a flight recently in my ‘Carry-On’ luggage. It was with my old GoPro dive case and other sporting camera goodies…
On arrival, I was somewhat surprised and upset that there was a ‘Scuff’ on the 360fly Dive housing. (All other kit was fine)
This scuff reduced the quality of the shots taken that weekend with the 360fly.
Fortunately, after returning home, a quiet hour spent with a lens cloth and silver polish has seemingly removed this scuff, so I’m not out of pocket for a new housing before it’s first use !
Whilst the dive housing would protect the 360fly from knocks whilst skiing, I reckon the dive housing lens would scratch up fairly easily being head-planted into the snow.


I’ve read other users here say their 360fly camera lens got scratched after falling while skiing.

Glenn has said that you can send the 360fly camera in to change the scratched lens. Didn’t say how much it costs though.

I would rather replace the dive housing than to go through the hassle of sending in my 360fly camera to have the lens replaced. It may cost the same as well. I am hoping the 360fly camera lens is more scratch proof than the dive housing but then again who knows it might very well be about the same.



I bought the dive housing as a ‘General protective cover’ as I thought the standard lens looked vulnerable / expensive !

I agree that it’s far easier to replace a housing rather than a camera lens.

Just pointing out that the Dive housing lens is far softer than the camera and should be looked after - it’s not cheap (Especially here in UK ! ) I wonder if you can get just the top of a dive housing ? - without screw and base… They seem tough enough - It’s only the top that would show wear and tear and ruin further video footage.



I am using on top of a racecar and got some impressive video at 150mph. At some point I am expecting the glass to get scratched. Somebody mentioned protective cover, not the diving one, is this still coming out? In the meantime if it gets scratched how much does it cost to replace glass through an RMA and what is the approximate turnaround time?

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The Glass Lens on the device is very durable. It cost around $100 to replace if it is damaged or chipped. We do have a protective cover that should be out in the next few weeks on the site. The Dive Housing works great as it has the tether loop but it is plastic and not as hard as the glass and can scratch.


What is the new protective cover made of? How does it compare to the dive housing in terms of durability?


The new case is made of the same material with a silicone base at the bottom. It will cost less then the Dive Housing.


Oooooooooooooh thats dope!!! Any eta on release?? Gotta order one of them