360Fly Director UX and general 360Fly recommendations

  • Maintain an ordinal number for videos naming suffixes at the camera level; currently when I transfer files and remove them from the 360Fly, videos start over at 00101. There may be a setting to change this, but I haven’t found it yet. My Sony and my Panasonic all maintain internal count, and it is tremendously useful for storing media in a single place rather than having to manually create subfolders to accommodate each import.

  • UPDATE: I see today that you can edit the name in the Videos tab, but not the Camera tab. That’s actually fine. But I did notice that it doesn’t change the name of the asset/file. So the naming change remains in the Director app. Probably not the end of the world. But if I’m using this in my editing workflow, I’d really like to have that name change be available outside of this app. PREVIOUS: Allow renaming of files w/in the Director desktop app.Currently I’ll find a clip that I want to remember for later, and it would be useful to be able to rename the file in the Director app. I would want to add, for example, “-NG” to a file that I don’t want to export after reviewing it in Director.

  • Allow importing of videos w/ the same filename; currently if I record FLY00101.MP4 a Monday, import the files, then record on Saturday, I can’t import the files w/o clearing out Monday’s files because there are conflicts in filenames being the same, ie FLY00101.MP4 existed from Monday and Saturday. Maybe more ideal would be to track videos w/ a unique internal ID rather than filename.

  • In the Director app on the Videos tab, the sort order options are not maintained. Currently if I sort by length descending and then click to another tab and return to Videos, the sort order resorts to the default. Very frustrating usability.

  • In the Director app on the Videos tab, I can filter what I have exported, but I can’t filter what I haven’t exported, which seems counter-intuitive. Currently my workflow for export depends on a visual inspection of the green “exported” badge. It would be better to just see what hasn’t been exported yet by clicking the checkbox.

  • In the Director app on the Videos tab, please make bulk delete possible. Currently I have to mouse over the video, click the garbage can icon, then click “okay” for each video. I’m working with 40 vids at a time and due to the fact that i can’t have overlapping filenames according to your app’s limitations, so I have to load batches separately in order to export them with equirectangular format. And deleting them one at a time is a deal breaker after the first 20.

  • In the Director app on the Videos tab when a user deletes a video, if there’s been an export performed that resizes the video, once the video is deleted, it remains in place but has a new file name with the export dimensions as a suffix. For example, I export as equirectangular the file FLY00101.MP4, click the garbage can, click okay, and then it remains there but now has the filename FLY00101-3840x1920.MP4. This causes a lot of confusion and is frustrating for a user for a few reasons: 1) I have to click multiple times again to delete this apparently same video (again, bulk please), 2) I don’t know why there’s a video appearing here that isn’t in my exported videos folder (creates uncertainty about where data is stored), and 3) I am unsure when I’m deleting this video if it’s deleting the exported video file (it’s not), 4) I’m unsure about why this video doesn’t appear in the list on the Videos tab, only when I delete its “source” video. Fear, uncertainty, doubt are product-killers.

  • Please build queued / batch processing into your product. Currently I have to start an export, wait, and then return at some point to check if it’s done. It would be much more efficient and easy to use if I could select videos for batch processing and then click “go” and have it go to work.

  • Please add “time remaining” to your exporting workflow. Currently you have a ring with a % that gets filled up as it goes along, but that isn’t useful to users when the “100%” value could be anywhere between 10 seconds and 10 minutes.

  • Please add the “exported” badge to the videos on the Videos tab upon completion of an export. Currently, a video is exported, and I have to click another tab and return to Videos tab to see the flag that an item has been exported. I use this flag to keep track of what’s done and not done.

  • Imports of videos don’t always succeed, and leave the user in limbo when trying to reinitiate an import because 1) Director says that a file already exists as an import but 2) on the Videos tab it appears for a half second and disappears leaving me to wondering 3) what the heck to do before finally figuring out 4) i have to close Director and then find the folder and manually delete the imported files that don’t show up in Director on the Videos tab.

  • Please add the ability to queue imports when the import button is clicked on multiple images. Currently you can either import all at once or one by one. The use case for “import all” is standard, but the use case for one by one I can’t figure out; it requires me to be sitting at the laptop waiting for a file to process. A better solution would be that when I click “import” on the other videos that I want, they are added to the queue and the sequence is updated, ie, “1 of 1” becomes “1 of 2”, etc.

UPDATE 11/15 - It’s taken me three long days to import and convert about 60 files. It should’ve taken one day. I’m unlikely to use this camera going forward knowing that “sit and wait” or “click an extra hundred times” are part of my workflow to process the video. It’s very, very frustrating that I’ve wasted so much time because of bad UX… I’ve read through the requests extensively and it doesn’t seem that your team is tackling stuff very quickly or with gusto, so that’s a red flag for me. I’m sharing the data above because I’m optimistic some of it may be useful, however.


@bradcerenzia, thank you for the feedback. When 360fly is ready to program future software updates, we will pass on your suggestions. There are actually two features which are already available:

You can actually set the sort order from the settings tab – just select the library option and specify if you are setting it for the camera tab or the videos tab.

If you select “social media” under the settings tab, you can specify whether Director should save converted exports, and you also have the option to delete all converted exports.


@bradcerenzia I hope you haven’t given up on the camera yet, because I have a batch processing solution for you! It’s detailed in this post: Batch Processing

The idea is to not use Director at all, but instead some general-purpose command-line tools. I think my results are still not ideal, but it’s working out OK. The one big downside is that it makes 4 passes, so you need to have some extra hard-drive space to get it done. Still, way better than waiting around and making a hundred extra clicks.