360fly 4K on Phantom 4


Bought a cheap gimbal mount off Ebay, drilled a hole in the carbon fiber dead center and installed the mounting bolt that came in the 360fly 4K package, installed the hex nut off flies gopro mount and installed 4K camera.


Nice, can you add any dampeners to the mount. Nice looking mount.


The gimbal bracket actually has small rubber or felt like lined brackets against the landing gear. Video has a slight wobble to it, pictures turn out great. I have to mess with it a little more and see what works and does’nt.


If you can attach a dampening mount that has the 4 rubber bussing it will make a big difference. I use the 3DR Solo and I custom printed a mount and it works great with the 4 bushings.


I have one of those on my Phantom 1, I guess I could remove it and try to install it on this one, the one flight I used it on the P1 seemed to get alot of prop wash from the rubber bushings allowing it to move more. Still kinda in the trial process. I’ve only flown it once on the P4.


I think it varies depending on the hardness of the bushings. I bought several and had some very cheap ones did not work. I will see if I can find the part numbers of the ones that we have been testing with and will post. Do you have access to a 3D Printer?


No I don’t. Will be very busy the next few weeks with work, planning on bringing it out to Italy in 2 weeks to use while training the Air Force, not sure if I’ll have the 360 camera on the P4 or not. I may try some footage that way.


Cool, we would love it if you were able share some Drone footage with us.


Here is a Drone 360fly video


Now this is cool… I think this would be a killer idea for us watersports folks :slight_smile:


Can you share a pic of how you mounted your fly to P4?



how to make it less-shakey?


Check out the gimbal.