360fly 4k guides to download


the downloads for the guides from the following link don’t seem to work or start:

can a working link to the android and ios guides please be provided


@matteovinci83, I am attaching these files below. You can access the full interactive user manuals at this link - https://www.360fly.com/360fly-4k-user-manual-ios / https://www.360fly.com/360fly-4k-user-manual-android

FLY008-14_4K_User_Downloadable_PDF_Android_A4_ja.pdf (2.3 MB)
FLY008-14_4K_User_Downloadable_PDF_iOS_A4.pdf (3.5 MB)


The iOS pdf is fine, it is in English.

The Android pdf is no good, as it is in Chinese or Japanese.

Can you please provide both English links.


@matteovinci83, oops! Here’s one in English.

FLY008-14_4K_User_Downloadable_PDF_ANDROID_A4_v6.pdf (3.5 MB)