360 No Fly. Amazingly great bad product


So I bought a 360fly HD.
Reviews were good … until i owned one.

Out The box it worked great.

After that Issues start to roll in.

  1. Apparently the wifi only connects once, then after that you either
    have to reinstall the app or Reset the camera to use multiple times in succession.

  2. Installed the update for use with android 6.0 and 7.0 which didnt do anything ( reset cam to use multiple times)

2.a. Same issues with Ios

  1. I dont think the camera works without the app so again it cant be used stand alone.


Also just to add
why on earth does it require GPS, WIFI and BLUETOOTH.

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exact same issues.
reset, reset and yet another reset.
Wont connect to anything,
Tried my Samsung 8, my Apple , and my tablet.
no luck at all.

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What device are you currently using.
I was able to find some kind of workaround.
Look for the older app versions. I think or something like that was stable for me.
( i can confirm later what version) but pick a random one and see Theres the link:

The wifi was able to be identified repeatedly and the blue tooth as well as gps worked as well. So no more resets.

let me know


I had been using 2.1.5.
Thanks for the info, I shall check it out and get back to you.