360 4k post processing


Hy… i’ve just make my first post processing…

i’ve acquired a 4k video 360 in a Mugello circuit ( Mugellino kart circuit), i make the post processing by 360fly® windows program using watch me tokens…: i convert it but i have a video in 1080s…: can i have a reolution of 4k like the raw video?

here is the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qp7iq6kvTnM&t=290s

here is the 360raw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAWEHWf6ixI&t=616s

ps… the video @1080s is more sharp & best thank the 4k … how is possible?
best regards!!!


This is pretty consistent with what I get. The sharpness from the 1080 version is because it’s less zoomed-in. The field-of-view in the 1080 version is much wider, so the pixels are closer together and sharpness is basically a direct result of the number of pixels per area. You’ll also notice you can see more of the fisheye effect in the 1080 version. That’s the general trade-off.


I am going to make my website about homework (domyhomework4me.net) so that it is well displayed on 4K screens. What can you advise me?